WordCamp Europe 2014 – save the cool places

I really love that all of you guys are coming to Sofia for WordCamp Europe.

(And those of you who are not, what’s wrong with you!)

And because you’re such a fantastic crowd, I’m gonna make your lives a little better and introduce you to some of the coolest places in Sofia.

Foursquare lists!

Just save them and forget about browsing for a decent place to eat or hang out. All the places are in a 20 min walk radius from the event venue and have been personally tested multiple times. So you’re safe. Now go save!

List: WordCamp Europe 2014 places

First things first: The venue, contributor day venue, after party venue & other useful stuff

List: Coffee in Sofia

Coffee lovers, this list is for you. You’re in luck too – best coffee place in Sofia is 5 floors down from the conference halls.

List: Eat in Sofia

Hungry? Selected recommendations about great places to eat. Personally tested and approved.

List: Veggie Sofia

Vegetarian? Same thing as above, no meat.

List: Night out Sofia

Thirsty? This is where the cool kids hang out. Join in.



P.S. If you have any questions about Sofia, ping the very cool dudes from DevriX

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