On Contributing to Open Source Projects

Nikolay writes about how he started contributing to Open Source projects and what doing it for the last 10 years has taught him. It’s a very inspiring and practical piece. Like the guy.

I have the beginning of my own story to tell. Seven years ago someone who came to the company I worked for from the Open Source scene in Sofia found me and taught me the basics of what I am today as a professional. It’s the same soft skills Nikolay talks about, the same culture built around open source values.

Bottom line is:

You learn to be motivated for the right reasons

So today, thanks to three inspiring guys who all got their values from Open Source, I’m neck deep into this, this, this and this. My job is building cool stuff with WordPress, I try to give back by translating it and spreading the love, I dedicate my free time to plan and develop open source solutions that can hopefully help change the publishing and media scene in Bulgaria.

And it’s for the right reasons.

How about you?

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