Sigur Rós might be one of the most hauntingly beautiful things in existence. I’ve been flying with them for years. There’s nothing better in the clouds. But live they’re on a whole other punch-me-in-the-throat, heart-in-my-heels, never-let-me-go level. #sigurros #sziget #szigetfestival #Budapest #hungary #vscocam #vscomusic

#nosalive – Five years later. In a completely changed world, music is what’s stayed constant. Therapy, a chance to send the world to go fuck itself for a night and be whatever the fuck I want. Us, Alive. Pretty accurate. I didn’t take my top off during Tame Impala (hard to do that when you’re wearing a dress) and I could actually walk on my own after Radiohead this time. I got bored by the Pixies & felt really restless during Jose Gonzales. But I jumped with my eyes closed during Grimes and bit my lip so hard during Exit music that it started bleeding. And last night, Arcade Fire played “My body is a cage” and I remembered everything I had blocked out of my mind to be able to adapt to the last 5 years. It was like waking up from a slumber. I feel like I won a round in the game. We’ll see where it ends. #portugal #lisbon #livemusic #livemusicphotography #tameimpala #festival #nomadstories #vscocam #vscomusic