Little by little public speaking’s become comfortable, enjoyable and less and less stressful. I fuss around preparing a good slide deck or rehearsing, or writing and rewriting scripts so they sound natural but then all it takes is a super light room that deprives people from seeing your slides and a weird setup that won’t play audio or display your speaker notes and all of a sudden it’s back to basics. Shake it off, make yourself comfortable, look people in the eyes and just have a conversation. Thanks to Rarst for this great shot from #WCBGD. And to @lanche86 & Nemanja for the invitation to speak. I had fun. #Belgrade #Serbia #nomadstories #technology #WordPress #publicspeaking #WordCamp


What a day! In between organizing @feelingrestful with my fellow humans I did a 10 minute version of my REST API for non developers talk. Mostly just had fun trolling @joehoyle_ 😋I can’t believe what I do for a living sometimes. Thanks for the pic, @krogsgard.