#nosalive – Five years later. In a completely changed world, music is what’s stayed constant. Therapy, a chance to send the world to go fuck itself for a night and be whatever the fuck I want. Us, Alive. Pretty accurate. I didn’t take my top off during Tame Impala (hard to do that when you’re wearing a dress) and I could actually walk on my own after Radiohead this time. I got bored by the Pixies & felt really restless during Jose Gonzales. But I jumped with my eyes closed during Grimes and bit my lip so hard during Exit music that it started bleeding. And last night, Arcade Fire played “My body is a cage” and I remembered everything I had blocked out of my mind to be able to adapt to the last 5 years. It was like waking up from a slumber. I feel like I won a round in the game. We’ll see where it ends. #portugal #lisbon #livemusic #livemusicphotography #tameimpala #festival #nomadstories #vscocam #vscomusic

Leaving Bilbao after three days that flew by in a second. Enjoyed a great first WordCamp Bilbao on Saturday, followed by an amazing 2h chill with Sonja in the sun in the park right next to the Guggenheim museum. Now back to Madrid. And then home. For a bit. #Spain #Bilbao #guggenheim #museum #bridge #nomadstories #vsco #vscocam #hmgoes