Saturday morning a week ago. I’m back home for about 10 days and stealing a weekend away with the closest of close friends I possess. On our way to the Green Cauldron high up in the mountains we stop at the last grocery store slash pub in the village, right next to the school for mountain guides. I’m after a particular brand of Bulgarian chocolate waffles called Golden Stanka, after one of Bulgaria’s Olympic champion female wrestlers. I’ve only ever seen them in this place but today I’m out of luck. No Golden Stanka waffles and it looks like they don’t produce them anymore. Such a terrible loss. The wafflelessness will be the one dark cloud over our soon to be bliss in the power free reception free wilderness. #Bulgaria #Troyan #CherniOsam #Countrylife #vscocam #vsco #bycicle #nomadstories #village #picoftheday #throwback #wafflestory