Going global – i18n talks at WordCamp Europe 2017 | #WCEU

WordCamp Europe 2017 was a week ago in Paris. The fifth one in four years. And the first one that I wasn’t organising. It was brilliant. And part of the reason why I loved it so much was that there were so many talks dedicated to educating about internationalization, localization, diversity, WordPress beyond borders, in different languages, in different text orientation. I wanted to tweet about that and then realised I can’t put all of them in one tweet so I’m blogging. Yay! Here are the links to all the talks dedicated to i18n and WordPress beyond borders at #WCEU this year. Enjoy!

Petya Raykovska: WordPress Beyond Borders – Cross Cultural Communication and the Fundamentals of Caring

In which yours truly breaks the conference code of conduct showing gestures that mean one thing in Western culture and other in other cultures.  Because there will always be someone you’re offending. And as long as you’re not ignorant about that, you will be forgiven. And poetry at the end. Because Paris.

Caspar Hübinger: Big Little Shame — a Tale of Empowered User Experience Through Localisation

In which the gentle giant from Germany breaks new ground and challenges the perception that languages are built by linguists. And not people. It’s a must. Watch it.


Yoav Farhi: Right To Left Languages Support – The Right Way

In which the always practical and thoughtful Yoav teaches you why RTL matters and how to implement it even if you don’t speak a RTL language. Thank you!

Pascal Birchler: Translating WordPress Into a Language Nobody Speaks

In which this cheeky little core contributor gets serious for a moment and gives you an example of how a software project can help preserve a dying language. And why that’s important.

Rahul Bansal: How Translation Sprints Helps Bring In New Contributors!

In which the kind and hard working Rahul explains parts of the magic that happened between WordPress and the languages of India in the past year.


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