Rough trade & the carry on dilemma. Torn between my desire to travel light in the month to follow and the urge to take all the music for all the people home with me. I blame Rob who drags me to these places that I would have probably otherwise found alone anyway. But it’s so great to have someone to blame ❤️☀️

Marina Bay #Singapore from above. Equally beautiful when you take the boardwalk below. Spent a draining but productive week in Singapore spiced by raging emotions of all shapes and sizes. In the madness of it all stole a couple of hours for this part of the city. Well worth it. So beautiful. #skyline #vscocam #vsco #Asia

I wish I was home. In the darkness with the kids with glasses of wine in the round room and the quiet cracking noise of the vinyl sinking into the walls. Sometimes moments of great sorrow can be beautiful. I wish I was home celebrating the life & art of one of the greatest with the people I love most. But I’m not. So I’m going to sit here and listen to the book of longing. And a little later nothing will happen again.